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Welcome to Tape Up – The sports tape specialists

Sports injury tape has been an essential tool in injury prevention and management for athletes at all levels, and should always form part of your kit bag. Our range of sports tape is available for delivery across the UK.

We specialise in selling quality sports & athletic tape such as:

Zinc Oxide Sports Tape

Zinc Oxide Tape tape is a rigid cotton sports tape with a zinc oxide based adhesive backing. Because zinc oxide tape has no stretch it is used to immobilise joints or restrict range of movemement to support injured ligaments and tendons.

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Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Elastic Adhesive Bandage (or EAB) is a very versatile sports tape that can be used to support joints, or as a fixing tape. Elastic Adhesive Bandage has a slight stretch along its length so it offers less support than zinc oxide tape, but it allows for more range of movement and gives good compression. It is a favourite tape among rugby players who use it on their thighs to improve grip when lifting at lineouts, and on their heads to protect the ears.

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Kinesio Tape

Kinesiology tape (also called Kinesio Tape or K Tape) is the coloured strips of physio tape you will have seen on many professional athletes in all types of sport. This tape has a unique wave pattern in the adhesive, and a lengthways stretch than attempts to mimic the skin. These factors combine to lift the skin away from the soft tissue beneath allowing better blood flow and drainage to and from the area. Kinesiology tape has been known to reduce recovery time and improve the healing of an injured area by reducing pain and swelling.

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Underwrap and strapping tape accessories

To improve the effectiveness of sports tape methods, it is essential to prepare the area you are taping first. We sell a wide variety of pre-tape sprays which improve the adhesiveness of the tape. We also sell underwrap which is essential when it comes to removing the tape from a hairy area.