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Why use football tapes?

Find out why you should be using football tapes

Here at TapeUp we know that football is a physically demanding sport. You will see footballers all over TV wearing various different tapes on different body parts. But sometimes it is not clear why they are wearing the tape, or what type of tape it is.

We believe that you should have access to exactly the same products as the premiership players. In this blog we will discuss the types of tape used by different players on the pitch and how you can utilise the same products.

Coloured sock tapes are a firm favourite when it comes to football tapesThe most obvious and common type of tape that we see all of the time on the football pitch is sock tape, something that everyone who takes part in football has probably used at some point, but did you know there are different options and types?

Chances are that you have used PVC sock tape, this is the tape that is similar to electrical tape it is available in a range of colours, it is self-adhering and effective in holding shin guards and socks in place. However, not all players like using this tape, some prefer a tape with more stretch and flexibility, in which case they may choose to use cohesive wrap or zinc oxide tape. Any of these options will do the job, what is important to remember is that the tape must match your kit, as FIFA implemented a rule change in 2012 to help prevent confusion for referees.

Wrist tape is one of our best selling football tapesGoal Keepers like to tape their hands and wrists under their gloves, tape used is personal preference for fingers zinc oxide or cohesive tape is most often used, the choice is often to do with how much movement the individual prefers, whilst zinc oxide can immobilise a joint, cohesive has more give and stretch and is also easier to remove. Wrists are often taped too using cohesive or EAB, cohesive is popular as it has no adhesive and comes in a wide range of colours to match different kits.

Kinesiology tapeKinesio tape is commonly used by footballers to provide support, you would recognise as the brightly coloured or patterned tape worn by many athletes both in and out of football, it first came to the attention of the media when worn by Mario Balotelli. Kinesiology is used to aid and speed up recovery of muscles, unlike zinc oxide it is not rigid so it stretches and conforms to the movement of muscles. When it is applied correctly, kinesiology tape lifts the skin to create a small space between the muscle and dermis layers. That space takes the pressure off swelling or injured muscles, and helps lymphatic drainage removing toxins from the affected area.

Finally you may have noticed footballers with longer hair all seem to wear a similar headband. This is made from under wrap, a tape originally designed to protect the skin from tape and prevent the painful waxing effect that removing tape can have, however it also serves as a perfect method of holding hair off your face and providing a barrier to prevent sweat running down your face, with the benefit of being disposable and easy to replace.

So, that is our round up of the most useful tapes for football, if you have any other favourite ways to tape for football let us know and we can add it! Email

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