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Football Tape

You may have seen your favourite footballer wearing a variety of different taping and strapping, you may have found yourself wondering what type of tape it is? Or what are the difference between the different tapes? Here at TapeUp we decided to put together a page where you can find all of the different tapes that you see footballers wearing on the pitch, with helpful explanations of why they wear different tapes and how to apply them.

At TapeUp we believe that you should have access to the same high quality tapes as your favourite players. Below are the tapes most commonly seen on footballers.

Cohesive Bandage

Extremely popular in the footballing world, especially for goalkeepers. Cohesive Bandage has become a great choice as a replacement for the PVC Sock Tape. It can hold up socks, shin-pads and offer added protection to a Goalkeeper’s hands, fingers and wrists.

Sock Tape

Sock tape is used to hold socks and shin guards in place. Due to a rule change in 2012 sock tape must now be worn in a matching colour to the team kit, this is to save any confusion for referees looking across the pitch.

Kinesiology Tape

This is often known as kinesio tape, and is recognisable as the bright coloured strips of tape that were first made popular when seen on Mario Balotelli. When applied correctly, it lifts the skin to create a small space between the muscle and dermis layers. That space takes the pressure off swelling or injured muscles.

Zinc Oxide

This is a rigid cotton sports tape, with a strong zinc oxide based adhesive. It is frequently used by physiotherapists and athletes to strap up joints where a degree of rigidity is required to immobilise joints.


This tape is used to protect the skin from tape and prevent the painful waxing effect that removing tape can have. Another very popular use for underwrap is to make hair bands that hold the hair back off the face, break if they become trapped, and prevent sweat running from the hair onto the face.

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