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Professional Taping Kit

Zinc Oxide Professional Taping Pack


  • Good quality, Strong adhesive
  • Smooth unwind
  • Pack of 16 rolls
  • A mixture of all widths

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Product Description

Our Zinc Oxide Professional Taping Pack is a perfect addition to any kitbag. It contains various widths of tape for the moments when injuries occur. Zinc Oxide is a strong, rigid and highly adhesive tape. It unwinds smoothly from the roll all the way down to the core so no tape is wasted. The fabric of the tape is soft and supple making it comfortable against the skin. Made with a serrated edge it makes tearing the tape easier. It is recommended to handle the tape as little as possible and it can effect the adhesive. Also it is always a good idea to warm the tape by rubbing it slightly and/or using a pre tape adhesive spray. Put together for people who require different widths of tape when strapping.

Tape Up Recommends the product for

      • Using along side your kitbag or First Aid Kit
      • Strapping and stabilising joints
      • Taping of rugby lifting blocks
      • For use in outdoor sports such as cycling

This Professional Taping Kit contains

  • 4 x 1.25cm rolls
  • 6 x 2.5cm rolls
  • 4 x 3.8cm rolls
  • 2 x 5cm rolls



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