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Trimona Wax Hand

Trimona Wax Hand Grip Spray 200ml


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Product Description

Trimona Wax Hand Grip Spray is  a grip enhancer that is perfect for sports where the handling of a ball is important. When used it can improve grip, it odes this by giving a layer of tacky resin. This on the hands can help you maintain grip and have better control of the ball. Great for giving more confidence and playing in wet conditions.
Using a spray gives a finer and more even application and is more compact and fits better in a kit bag. It’s great for footballing goalkeepers and they can use it to add a sticky layer to their gloves.

Tape Up Recommends Trimona Wax Hand Grip Spray For

  • Improving handling in rugby, football and handball.
  • Maintaining grip during a game
  • Adding confidence to your play


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