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Strappit Zinc Oxide Tape
Strappit Zinc Oxide TapeStrappit Zinc Oxide TapeStrappit Zinc Oxide Tape

Strappit Zinc Oxide Tape


Super strong adhesive
The ulitimate strapping tape
Smooth unwind
2.5, 3.8 and 5cm Width

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Product Description

Strappit Zinc Oxide Tape is our strongest and stickiest zinc oxide . It has excellent tensile strength and an aggressive adhesive. The 100% cotton tape has an incredible tensile strength of 57lbs per inch.
The digital unwind means that it will unroll all the way down to the core so that there is no waste. The smooth unwind make controlled application easy. The tape is suitable for use to immobilise joints or to support injuries
As this is our stickiest tape, we recommend that it is handled as little as possible. The adhesive can also be improved further by warming the tape. You can also use a pre tape adhesive spray or skin tuffner to prepare the area before application.

Tape Up Recommends Strappit Zinc Oxide Tape For?

    • Stabilising joints such as knees and ankles.
    • Holding bandages and dressings in place.
    • Supporting existing injuries

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