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Blister Plasters

Sports Blister Plasters (8)


  • Pack of 5 plasters
  • Mix of sizes
  • Leave on for up to 1 week

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Product Description

Blister plasters are a hydrocolloid dressing pad with a semi-permeable, bacteria proof and waterproof backing. The plaster itself creates a gel (that can be seen as turning white in colour after a few days) whilst absorbing any liquid from the wound. The gel provides a moist environment which allows the wound to start healing from the inside without the need for a scab. This speeds up recovery time and reduces scarring.

This pack contains 5 plasters in total.


  • Clean with soap and water first and then dry thoroughly to reduce the presence of oils and moisture to increase adhesion.
  • Rub the plaster between your hands for a minute or two and this warmth with initiate the adhesive activation.
  • Try and leave the plaster in place until it comes off of its own accord, ideally over 5 days.
  • Don’t use on infected wounds or if you have diabetes or circulation problems.

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Wearing these for running or exercise if you are suffering from blisters.


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