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SpiderTech Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape - Posture - Blue
SpiderTech Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape - Posture - BeigeSpiderTech Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape - Posture - Black

SpiderTech Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape – Posture


Pre-Cut for Posture
Pre-cut kinesiology tape for specific areas
Single Application – last up to 5 days
Blue – Black – Beige available


Product Description

Product Description

SpiderTech pre-cut kinesiology tape is the only kinesiology tape that is ready to apply to different specific body parts. Furthermore it has a defined pre-cut shape it can alleviate mild and moderate upper back pain while helping to correct posture. The Kinesiology tape it has a wave formation of adhesive. This is to help improve blood flow to injuries and is activated by rubbing the skin after application. This helps reduce inflammation, relieve pain and encourages recovery. The tape can stay applied for up to 5 days. Also can be used during sports including swimming. It also offers prolonged therapy the entire time it can be worn. It’s material does not restrict normal movement of the area.

SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape Application

• Always read all instructions before applying.
• Clean, dry the area thoroughly before application.
• Always test a small part of tape if suffering from sensitive skin.
• Tape should be applied pre-extended and un-stretched.
• Remove Tape with care and in the direction of hair growth.
• Do not apply to irritated or injured skin.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Keep out of direct sunlight.

Tape Up Recommends this product for

• Shoulder injuries
• Minor mid-back pain
• Poor posture
• Rounder shoulders
• Minor neck pain
• Muscle imbalance
• Improved athletic performance
• Postoperative rehabilitation

One single use application per pack – blue, beige and black available.


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