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Solid Chalk Block
Solid Chalk BlockSolid Chalk Block

Solid Chalk Block 2oz


  • Available in a single or case of 8.
  • Improves grip and confidence
  • Suitable for Gymnastics, CrossFit & Weightlifting
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Product Description

Made of magnesium carbonate chalk, this Solid Chalk Block is popular with gymnasts, weightlifters. Being used more and more in the world of CrossFit and Rock Climbing to improve grip.
It works by absorbing moisture from the skin, palms of hands and fingers. This ensures you have a long stable, long lasting and confident grip.

How to use Solid Chalk Block

The block can be used one of two ways:

  • Crumble the chalk into a dust and rub hands together
  • Simply rub the block straight onto the palms of your hands

Available in singles or a case of 8.


Additional Information


2oz, Box of 8 x 2oz


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