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GRE260 - Rugby Lifting Kit
firstaid4sport-rugby-lifting-kit-p1004-3865_imageRugby Lifting KitRugby Lifting KitGRE260_1 - Rugby Lifting Kit Refill

Rugby Lifting Kit


  • Rugby Lifting Kit
  • 2 x Lifting pads 2 x 7.5 EAB 2 x PVC Tape
  • Must have for every Second row

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Product Description

The Rugby Lifting Kit is everything a Second Row needs to have the perfect lineout every time. The kit comes in a handy grab bag, perfect for grab and go.
Containing 2 lifting blocks, 2 rolls of 7.5cm EAB and 2 rolls of Black PVC Sock Tape is ideal for personal use. The tapes and blocks are everything you need to have an effective and safe method of lifting. Also giving support for the jumper at both lineouts and kick off.
The Lifting Blocks sit on the thigh and are secured in place with EAB and the Sock Tape. Using both of these tape together provides extra grip for team mates. Lifting blocks improve the safety of the lift for both the jumper and his team mates. It also allows the lift to be faster with more hang time.

All items within the Rugby Taping kit are sold separately. 


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