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Sock Tape
Sock TapeSock TapeSock TapeSock TapeSock TapeSock Tape

Coloured PVC Sock Tape


19mm x 20m Roll
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Product Description

An hugely versatile tape, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Sock Tape is used in a variety of sports. Popular in Football over socks to hold shin pads in place and in rugby over EAB to hold in place lifting blocks. Players also use it to tape over cohesive bandage to protect their ears. It’s a tape that gives enough strength with discomfort. Not only used for taping, it is also great for more practical situations like holding together kit such as hockey goalkeeper pads or as a temporary fix to netting on goalposts.

Tape Up recommends Coloured PVC Sock Tape for

    • Holding in place shinpads and socks
    • Additional taping in Rugby
    • Temporary fixes to kit

Now available in a variety of colours to allow players to follow the FA’s new rules regarding sock tape matching kit colour. Each roll comes as standard in 20 metres in length.


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