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Mueller Quick Drying Adherent Spray
Mueller Quick Drying Adherent SprayMueller Quick Drying Adherent Spray

Mueller Quick Drying Adherent Spray 118ml & 295ml


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Product Description

Mueller Quick Drying Adherent is a pre-tape spray that when applied to skin creates a tacky surface. This helps to improve tape adherence and add security to any wraps. It is useful when the skin becomes either greasy or moist. This can be from participating in wet environments or when the skin sweats in warmer weather.

 To remove Quick Drying Adherent and any tape adhered to the skin it is best removed by using a tape remover spray. We recommend Mueller Adhesive Remover
Using the Mueller Quick Drying Adhesive Spray can be an alternative to using the more expensive Zinc Oxide Tapes.

Tape Up Recommends Mueller Quick Drying Adherent for

  • To increase tape adherence
  • Increased amount of time tape stays for
  • Great for added security in wet conditions

Available in 118ml and 259ml.


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