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Mueller Kinesiology Tape
Mueller KinesiologyMueller KinesiologyMueller KinesiologyMueller Kinesiology

Mueller Kinesiology Tape


    • 100 percent Cotton

Pattern Adhesive

  • Used By Professionals
  • Mimics your Muscles
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Product Description

Mueller Kinesiology Tape increases the natural blood flow around the muscles. Because it features a wave pattern adhesive it moves with the muscles and skin. Therefore helping improve circulation, enhances recovery and increase mobility. When applied to the skin in patterns it mimics the muscles of your body. 
Made with 100% high grade cotton. Because it is latex free and breathable it means it causes little or no irritation.  Given that is has a good level of elasticity it keeps it’s flexibility.

Tape Up Recommend Mueller Kinesiology Tape for

  • Ligament injuries
  • Muscle conditioning
  • Fascia re positioning
  • Lowering recovery time

Find out more about Kinesiology Tape and how it works here


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