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adhesive remover

Mueller Adhesive Remover


Mueller Tape & Tuffner Adhesive Remover dissolves tape adhesive and is ideal to remove tape or any residue and is recommended when Adherent Spray has been used prior to applying tape.

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Product Description

Mueller Tape & Tuffner Adhesive Remover dissolves adhesives. It is ideal for the removal of tape or adhesive residue.

How to use Adhesive Remover

Apply directly to your skin or onto the tape and will dissolve the adhesive making tape easier to remove. The spray is also suitable for hard surfaces but please use caution on any painted or dyed surfaces.

It is available in 118ml (4oz) pump action bottle or 295ml (10oz) aerosol can. (the larger aerosol must go with a courier service due to transportation of dangerous goods).

Tape Up Recommends

We recommend using when Adherent Spray residue remains from applying tape.



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