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Finger Tape

Flesh Coloured Finger Tape 2.5cm x 4.5m


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Product Description

Due to popular demand we have introduced a flesh coloured finger tape for strapping. Used to prevent or treat sprained thumbs. This 2.5cm Tan EAB (Elastic Adhesive Bandage) is very common for use in Rugby and Netball. When the thumb is bent backwards or out of its normal range of movement, as damage can occur to the ligaments. The Pink Strapping stops the thumb being bent out of joint but allows some natural movement. This tape is sticky enough to last for several hours but cheap enough to be used for training sessions. With an easy unwind it helps make strapping thumbs and fingers simple, quick and effective. With an aggressive adhesive to hold in place. Each roll is also wrapped for cleanliness and storage.

Tape Up Recommends Finger Tape For

  • Taping fingers in Football, Rugby and Netball
  • Protect ligaments in thumbs and fingers
  • Strapping wrists
  • Treating sprains


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