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Tearable EAB
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BSN Lightplast Pro Tearable EAB



Product Description

BSN Lightplast Pro Tearable EAB  is a versatile tape made of 100% cotton stretch fabric. Backed with a strong hypoallergenic adhesive it is ideal for sensitive skin. Despite its strength it is possible to tear this tape by hand which makes it ideal for use pitch side.
Tearable EAB has a computerised unwind. This means that it will unroll with straight edges all the way to the core so their is no waste. This also aids controlled application with even pressure.
Used to tape hands for many sports including Rugby and Boxing or can to secure dressings or ice packs in place. It can also provide a light support to soft tissue and has a short stretch.

Tape Up Recommends Tearable EAB for

  • Compression
  • Supporting and stabilising joints
  • Holding ice packs and dressings in place

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