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Zinc oxide tape on handsZinc oxide tape is a rigid, adhesive tape used to strap joints such as the ankle, knee, shoulder, or wrist in order to prevent sporting injuries. As well as aiding in the prevention of injuries, it can also be used on areas which have previously been injured as a way of supporting the muscles around a joint. It creates a form of protection around the damaged area because it restricts the motion of the injured joint during activity due to its complete lack of stretch or flexibility.

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Why would I use Zinc Oxide Tape?

It conforms to the area to which it is applied making it far less bulky and lighter weight than a brace, which is why it is so popular with sports people and physiotherapists. Tape also allows for different methods to be used to offer targeted support to specific ligaments or tendons within a joint. This means that the joint can have a certain range of movement allowing faster recovery from injury, and the ability to continue activity.

As well as supporting weakened joints, zinc oxide tape can be used to hold overstretched ligaments in place. Zinc oxide tape will stay in place for long periods of time, and can also be used to prevent blisters, as well as securing protective pads and dressings that are applied to wounds. The tape typically comes in rolls, with varying lengths and widths available.

Comparing the quality of Zinc Oxide Tape

When comparing the quality of zinc oxide tape, the main things to consider are:

  • The quality of the adhesive
  • The tensile strength of the tape
  • The comfort or conformability of the tape.

Eurotape Zinc Oxide, for example, is our cheapest Zinc oxide tape which is made from 100% cotton, with a good level of adhesion which suitable for a single, short term use. Strappit Zinc Oxide Tape is a premium quality tape which is also made of 100% cotton, but with an even stronger adhesive which can withstand wet and harsh environments, plus it has a very good tensile strength of 57lbs per inch. This means that the material can withstand a high level of stress before breaking. Both tapes can be used to immobilise joints or support injuries, but the additional feature of a smooth unwind with the Strappit Zinc Oxide Tape, plus the feel and conformity allows for easier application.

Prices for the Eurotape Zinc Oxide start from £1.50, and the Strappit Zinc Oxide Tape starts from £3.