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Pre taping preparation

It is important to prepare the skin correctly before applying any tape to it, to avoid skin irritation and blistering, and to provide a good surface for the tape to adhere to. The best pre-taping method changes depending on what area of the body you are dressing, however, one important thing to remember is that the area to be taped should be clean and dry.

Most athletic tapes are highly adhesive, and so if applied directly to areas with a lot of hair, can be painful to remove. On these areas, it is advisable to shave the area around 12 hours before applying the tape, to keep the skin as clear and smooth as possible.

For areas such as the elbow and the back of the knee, tape on the skin can cause irritation. For areas like these, it is recommended to apply an underwrap before the tape. Underwrap is a foam, non-adhesive tape that conforms to the area it is applied. Underwrap is also a good option for those with sensitive skin to tape, acting as a protective layer between the two.

If you have any rashes or broken skin in the area to be taped, you should apply a non-stick wound pad or something similar to act as a barrier between the tape and the damaged skin.

It is important to check the specific product description when you first use your tape for any additional suggestions regarding pre-taping methods. However, keeping the above in mind should help you when you first start taping up.