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EAB tape being used in a rugby maul
EAB is commonly used by rugby players to protect the smaller joints, or on the thighs to give lifters a better grip.

What is Elastic Adhesive Bandage?

Elastic Adhesive Bandage is also commonly referred to as EAB. It is made from a heavyweight, short stretch material similar to that of heavyweight plasters or Elastoplast. The hypo-allergenic adhesive is quite strong to allow this tape to be used for joint and soft tissue strapping and immobilisation.  It comes in a white or tan colour, with feathered edges to prevent any rubbing or chafing. Your standard Elastic Adhesive Bandage is made from woven fibres and the thickness does not allow it to be torn, meaning you will require scissors or bandage shears.

elastic adhesive bandage
This is tear lite EAB. You will often notice square bumps in the tape.

Which type do I choose?

Tear Lite Elastic Adhesive Bandage can be ripped on application. It behaves very similarly to standard EAB in the way it stretches, but it uses less material with a more open weave, making it easier to tear. This means that Tear Lite EAB is not as strong as standard EAB, and it is not recommended for strengthening or supporting an injured area, but it can be used quickly at the pitch side to hold dressings or apply compression.

elastic adhesive bandage
This is our premium Tan Elastic Adhesive Bandage.

When it comes to buying Elastic Adhesive Bandage, the more expensive tape tends to have a stronger adhesive. The material itself does not differ hugely in quality. If you are looking for a quick solution that you will only need to apply for a couple of hours then our Training EAB or Standard EAB will suit you. But if you are using the tape to support a more serious injury and you need a more reliable, long term hold then you will be better with a Premium EAB. Rugby players tend to get through a lot of EAB, therefore the cheaper training tape is used in bulk for training sessions while the better quality EAB is saved for match-day when their bodies and joints get a bit more of a battering!